Crypto currency:

           The talk about the crypto currency has been going around for many years now and the popularity is growing world over. As far as the types of the crypto currency are concerned, the bitcoin is the most popular among them all. This has a completely different aspect when compared with the fiat currency or the regular currency that we use in daily life. There are several ideas about the bitcoin price as it has reached quite a high level ever since it was brought into use.

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Price movement:    

  • Ever since it was started the price of the crypto currency has been fluctuating.
  • It has been rising sometimes and it comes down at other times. This has been going on for the past several years.
  • Currently the bitcoin rates have been examined very carefully and many are looking at the price movements as it is catching up in the middle of individuals who are looking forward to using the bitcoins in their transactions.
  • The price levels started at 0.3 USD in the year it was brought into use and it has been growing ever since.
  • The bitcoins are not a common currency and so the movements are tracked only by a few interested individuals across the globe.
  • They do not come in the common range of currency as they do not operate through the banks but by the networks of individuals that own them and only a handful of them own the crypto currency when compared with those who use the fiat currency.
  • During the last year even though the bitcoin price started very positively it dipped a lot at the beginning of the year 2020 which it is continuing to do at the moment.

Avail Powerful Features Ofwhatsappapi To Communicate With Customers Across The Globe

whatsapp api

WhatsApp has grown very popular very quickly. It has billions of users that communicate with the help of videos, images, text, emoticons, gifs, etc., on the same platform. It is famous for its flexibility and easy-to-use quality. In 2018, WhatsApp added another great feature of whatsapp api or Application Program Interface, and the platform got embedded with an even more powerful interface for the business accounts.

What are the features of whatsapp api?

WhatsApp Application Program Interface helps offer a communication platform that strengthens the customer support to the next level. The features of the api are as follows:

  • One gets the features of WhatsApp integration to one’s sites, apps, and systems to communicate with the help of test messages, audios, pictures, and emojis worldwide.
  • It is a very easy-to-use feature, just like the usual WhatsApp messaging, and is extremely fast and reliable. The leverage WhatsApp business API sends alerts and notifications to reliably communicate among the masses and get great support to the customers.
  • It helps in establishing multi-agent support. This means that the requests, feedback, and queries of the customers sent by WhatsApp can be handled and managed by multiple agents simultaneously.
  • End-to-end encryption, analytics, and reporting.

Receiving the same queries repeatedly from multiple customers can be tiresome, irritating, and answering the same repetitive question may not feel productive. Hence, one can use chatbots that automatically answer a few queries so that the team can focus on the more important tasks of the company or business.

Earn easy money by renting your space for lockers


Today earning money is not a simple thing and you may need to provide a lot of hard efforts in order to achieve this. Built if you are intelligent then it is easy to find out some alternative option to earn money without nay hassles. The passive income source needs to be an important part of our life and this is possible by the help of your free space. Just try to find out the advantages of the online space through locker rental services malaysia which is becoming very popular among the space owners.

How could you earn money by renting?

If you are having free space, then it is marketable. Because today storage is an important problem for many organisation. But it is hard for the space owners to provide the locker facilities within their infrastructure. So you may need to find out the locker rental services malaysia who take your free space and create the lockers. By this method you can rent the space without nay initial investment on your side. But at the same time this is a great renewal mode and this business could bring more profits within a short period of time.

There is no need to try to get into the worries of managing the locker. Because each and every maintenance aspect is carried out by the locker servicing companies. You just rent the space and earn money. By the help of this business model you are using the space in an effective way and by the help of the effectiveness, you can reduce the maintenance cost of that space.

A review of mask for children and for adults

Face masks are a complete solution for children and adults who are seeking to get protected fromcovid-19. There are thousands of designs, shapes and sizes. They are so trendy and comfortable for everyone. The best thing is to buy masks for children and masks for adults.

Purchase a simple face mask for yourself

Bigfoot Face Masks  very useful because they are environmentally friendly, washable and reusable for everyone. In fact, they are very comfortable and can be easily put on the nose and mouth by any person or child. In fact, these masks are a fantastic solution for those who regularly deal with asthma attacks and other types of respiratory ailments.

Child mask vs adult mask:

Design: Healthy air masks for kids are strategically designed so they are kids in perfect style and operation. On the other hand, the adult healthy air mask is made with fashion and comfort in mind. But both masks are very helpful in protecting you and your children from air pollution and other respiratory diseases.

Protection: Children Air Mask provides excellent protection against molecule-sized contaminants. They also provide protection against pet dandruff, dust, pollution, secondhand smoke, and germs. Our adult masks also have hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties that others cannot.

Helpful for Many Health Problems – The Healthy Children’s Mask reduces, but does not cure, the transmission and spread of airborne viruses, germs, and other hazardous substances that cause respiratory illness and infection. Adult Facemasks help purify the oxygen you breathe. The mask helps reduce asthma attacks and allergies by providing excellent protection against harmful exposure to airborne particles such as valley fever, dust and pollen.


Plain Facemasks are a great product for both kids and adults, because the mask provides complete protection from hazardous air pollution, smoking, dust, and more. If you can order from their genuine website and get your product delivered to your doorstep with minimal shipping costs.

Swimming – health benefits

Obviously swimming is one of the most important things which everyone must learn. Many people tend to think it as a sport which is to be learnt only by the athletes who are engaged in it. But this is not the fact. Each and everyone should learn swimming in order to protect their life in various emergency situations. But beyond this swimming can also bring various health benefits for the learners. Some of the highly renowned health benefits of swimming are revealed in this article.

Weight loss

This can be a wisest choice for the elder ones to lose their body weight. Obesity is one of the most common problems experienced by many people in current trend. In order to lose their body weight in a healthy and safe way they can move for swimming without any constraint. The secret is swimming regularly will help in burning the extra fat faster than they sound to be.

Swmming Class

Builds strength

Building body strength is more important in order to lead a healthy lifestyle and this can be made possible through regular swimming. Especially the parents who want their children to lead a healthy lifestyle can take them to swimming regularly. They can check out the swimming lesson prices in online and can choose the most affordable one among them.

Stress relief

From kids to the elder ones everyone is suffering from the problems of stress. Regular swimming can help them to get rid of their stress and can pay way for a healthy lifestyle. It can also be said that the people of all age group can consider it as a best hobby to lead a stress free lifestyle.