Visiting a foreign land is so intimidating; the new culture, the beauty, the landscapes, flora, and fauna, everything surprises you. The wonderful creatures on the planet and the endless beauty mother earth offers are so astonishing and never enough to adore.

Spend time with animals and humans may learn a thing or two about compassion, consideration, living as one community, kindness, love, and so much more. Isn’t it fascinating how sometimes just walking in nature and spotting animals makes a person forget everything stressful about their life? There is a huge animal kingdom that one can not discover in their lifetime, and there are some who are only spotted in the depths of the vast jungles. Talking specifically about Kangaroos, the beautiful creatures gifted with a pocket for their kids are a sight to behold in Australia. 

Locations where one can spot kangaroos

If visiting Australia, one can only wonder to spot a Kangaroo jumping its way across the street, and the all-time question of where one can see kangaroos near melbourne. Now, there are a bunch of zoos where you can spot a kangaroo, but what fun is that as compared to spotting one in its natural habitat.

Since you are on a wild chase for a kangaroo, you are advised to travel outside the city to less populated areas where there might be a slight possibility to spot one. However, to see kangaroos near Melbourne, the explorers’ personal favorite would be The Grampians’ spot. This area is so rich in wildlife it is hard not to spot one for two possible reasons, extreme and cursed luck or being distracted on your phone.