We hope that this article has helped you better understand how to choose the best VPN service providers based on your needs and expectations. Free VPNs are ideal for streaming content online without worrying about your ISP throttling your connection speed or even blocking access to certain content because they can see what you are doing online. However, it is worth mentioning that these free unlimited VPN services usually have a catch that users need to be aware of before signing up with them. So, what is the catch? Free VPNs usually come with a limit of 20-30 GB per month, which means it will only be enough for streaming or downloading a couple of movies or TV shows. If you are not careful, you might go over their limit and get charged in the process. So, here is what we suggest when using a free VPN:

Before you sign up with them, always be aware of their bandwidth limits and server locations.

Always download everything on your mobile device to your computer using a file manager so that you can transfer it to your Smart TV or media player once it has been downloaded completely.

VyprVPN service provides a straightforward solution to this problem. It allows you to choose between five locations and see the latency levels at each of those five locations. So, if a location looks good, you can connect to it immediately with no hassle. A good VyprVPN review will educate you more.

So, these are the things that we recommend doing when using a free VPN. However, if you want to use a paid service, you should check our VPN reviews page, where we have all the necessary information about the best VPN service providers.