Purpose of a fake text

It is a conversation generator that is favored by many people across the globe. You get options to choose multiple themes from which you can make your fake conversation look very realistic. It enables you to create funny SMS conversations and you can even share them with your friends. It even allows you to attach images to your message which works both for the sent and received messages.

It is a tool to create a fake text conversation as you can send and receive fake messages from anyone you want.

The art of fake text

Purpose of a fake text

As the name suggests as its main motive is to create your conversations on your phone, using an application of real texting and allowing yourself to send and receive messages as if they can be called real text from real people. To create these kinds of fake conversations, there are a lot more kinds of apps that are available on the devices which is fairly easy to use for anyone with many features.

How to create a fake text

As mentioned above there are many apps available through which you make these fake text possible for people as you should start by installing the app and once you open it, it has a short introduction. This basic intro goes through the basic purpose of the app. The first and foremost thing is to create a new fake text after which the app asks for your profile for the people you are talking with, where you can give the basic details regarding your name, picture or the last seen. It has a little check mark of the thing which confirms that your chat has been sent,

You might have figured that when you type a message, two arrow icons appear next to it as one for sending the message as from you, and the other is meant for sending as the fake contact and the app even allows to fake a phone call.

As you can see, it not much difficult to create your very own fake messages chain that you can share on social media or can use to impress your friends.