The SMS tracking program is a program designed to disseminate information about the content and details of the delivery of short messages, including text messages and picture messages. This type of program is useful for analyzing individual and group messages, as well as for identifying coding details, delivery templates and error conditions associated with them.


The distance between your message application on the screen of your phone and the recipient is excellent. Therefore, the possible causes and points of failure are also excellent. The fact that short messages or more complex multimedia messages arrive quickly and without losses is often taken for granted when there can be many obstacles to successful reception. Each time a message is received successfully in the recipient’s mailbox, it means that it was sent correctly by the application or the sender’s phone, correctly segmented and encrypted for its lower level operator, effectively navigated through the largest global network of the operator and collected and displayed accurately on the recipient’s screen. If something is wrong in the process, the SMS tracker can provide a detailed picture of the SMS or MMS trip to diagnose the problem. A free online tracker for SMS messages can effectively determine when and what type of failure or delay occurred in turn, and discover which part of the communication chain was responsible.

Provide real-time message delivery status

One of the main functions of a free SMS tracker on the Internet is to provide real-time message delivery status. The trackers help you track when messages are queued, sent and delivered successfully, or your service provider delivers them unsuccessfully. They can also provide even more detailed error information for these delivery failures, even when the recipient’s phone is not available or turned off, when the content of the message violates the operator’s rules, when a specific phone number cannot receive the message because is blocked or not a mobile phone number, or maybe when too many messages are sent too fast.

Managing message content

In addition to tracking message delivery, SMS trackers are also useful for managing message content. The coding mechanisms vary for different devices, programs and media. When an operator uses a different coding method from their application, this can affect the appearance of their message when it is received by the end user. An SMS tracker can help you determine how your message has been encoded or formatted. Other useful features of SMS trackers include tracking conversations between specific phone numbers and monitoring user actions, which can be used to increase message delivery speed, identify network problems and much more.