A smart mobile phone is what everybody has and the ones who don’t want to have it with them. It has become such an important object that we carry it everywhere we go, even if we don’t have anything to use it in. In olden times when alexander graham bell invented the phone, it was a landline phone and it was only used to talk from long distances and that was all with wires connected to it.

Then it slowly got developed and became wireless phones but still was landline. Later after so many years the mobile phone was made, but the mobile phones were still only used to call and talk and also SMS were added to it, but not more than it.

Now we have smart mobile phones which even have internet connection and these mobiles not only are used to call, SMS, internet but a lot more than anybody can imagine, you can connect your electrical appliances with your mobile and can control it from any corner of the world. The mobile phones have gone way beyond our imagination now. Vivo y30 is one of the best one in these newly featured and updated mobiles.

Why will you buy this mobile phone?

 Vivo y30 is not just any ordinary mobile phone, it has all the apps well updated right in it before you have downloaded it, the apps are already built in it and will really help you a lot with it.