The Smartphone is getting smarter by the day. While this may be an advantage in some aspects, it has also become a cause for concern as the smartness of the Smartphone now makes subjects the end user to security risks.  Hackers can now use the smartness of the mobile device against the end user and steal information from the person. Such information can be used to harm the person one way or the other.  Will it interest you that it is possible for your Smartphone to listen on your conversation without your knowledge? Yes, phone listening is an issue you should take seriously.  How is this even possible? Continue reading to find out.

scramblerzHow to detect this aberration

The Smartphone consists of series of information that are personal to the end user, information that the end user may not be willing to share with a third party.  When you start seeing ads related to the information on your device each time you browse the internet, then it is a sign that you phone is listening or recording your activities and forwarding such recordings to advertisers. If  you notice that the adverts posted by advertising companies, including Google, to your mobile device have elements of the phone conversation you had with someone else, this is an obvious fact that you should be wary of the

Do you notice any background noise each time you make calls, like clicks, hum, echoes and such things? It may be a sign that someone is listening on the conversation.  Does your device’s battery go down faster than normal? This is also a sign that the device is tapped by someone and the person is probably intercepting your conversation.

How to protect yourself

It is possible to protect yourself from wiretapping to ensure that someone else is not listening on your conversation. This way, your confidential information will not be hacked by dangerous criminals.  First of all, you should not allow microphone access to your device. If it is already allowed, you should disable it. You can check which of the apps on your device permit microphone in the Settings page of the device.

Furthermore, you should be careful how you communicate with the Robot on your Smartphone, like Siri. The communication can help hackers and advertisers to analyze you; this is one of the methods used by smart advertisers to send perfect adverts to you. Do not also forget to disable GPS and Bluetooth on your Smartphone anytime you are not using them.  Hackers can use either of these to easily track your location when they are switched on.  Those who know who to use Bluetooth very well can also track down your personal confidential information if your Bluetooth is turned on.