whatsapp api

WhatsApp has grown very popular very quickly. It has billions of users that communicate with the help of videos, images, text, emoticons, gifs, etc., on the same platform. It is famous for its flexibility and easy-to-use quality. In 2018, WhatsApp added another great feature of whatsapp api or Application Program Interface, and the platform got embedded with an even more powerful interface for the business accounts.

What are the features of whatsapp api?

WhatsApp Application Program Interface helps offer a communication platform that strengthens the customer support to the next level. The features of the api are as follows:

  • One gets the features of WhatsApp integration to one’s sites, apps, and systems to communicate with the help of test messages, audios, pictures, and emojis worldwide.
  • It is a very easy-to-use feature, just like the usual WhatsApp messaging, and is extremely fast and reliable. The leverage WhatsApp business API sends alerts and notifications to reliably communicate among the masses and get great support to the customers.
  • It helps in establishing multi-agent support. This means that the requests, feedback, and queries of the customers sent by WhatsApp can be handled and managed by multiple agents simultaneously.
  • End-to-end encryption, analytics, and reporting.

Receiving the same queries repeatedly from multiple customers can be tiresome, irritating, and answering the same repetitive question may not feel productive. Hence, one can use chatbots that automatically answer a few queries so that the team can focus on the more important tasks of the company or business.