Everything To Know About Quirk And The Laws Related To It

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Have you ever interpreted your personality traits and questioned yourself as to which particular quirk would resemble the most with your personality? If you have witnessed yourself standing in such a situation, this article is for you.

What do you mean by Quirks? 

You might wish to know what does a quick exactly mean? A quirk is considered a superhuman ability possessed by a person or that develops with time. What is so special about it is one person can possess only one such superhuman ability while he gains expertise at the same.

Say, for instance, a person might possess the power of stopping time and might be able to do it whenever he wishes to, but at that very time, he might not have the knowledge as to how he could convert a human into a frog!

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Laws related to a quirk

It is important for every type of society, superhuman or not, to preserve order and lay down the rules and regulations for discipline. Hereafter mentioned are some of the important quirk laws that you should know:

  • It is against the law to showcase quirks.
  • A person cannot use his quirks to harm someone else.
  • People ought to register their quirks with the government.
  • A person must receive quirk education in elementary school to know how he should responsibly use his quirks.
  • People must also undergo quirk training in their high school years, and receive a license that would enable them to use such quirks effectively.
  • Using a quirk without a license is punishable by law.


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