How to clean alloy wheels

clean alloy wheels

Alloy wheels are more durable than pure metal wheels. They also require regular maintenance and cleaning in order to maintain their durability. You could use basic household cleaning solutions for some minor maintenance but for anything other than that, you will need a cleaner. We are going to provide you some tips in order to keep your alloy wheel shining for a longer period of time.

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Gentle brushing

It is important to start with one wheel at a time. You can use a wheel brush with soft bristles so that no scratches occur on the alloy surface. Choose the brush which can reach small spaces without any effort. Also, check that the brush is extended through the spokes so that both the front and back wheels can be cleaned.

Cleaning wheel nuts

Wheels nuts are the most important component of a wheel. They hold the wheel together. So, it is important to clean them. They are prone to excessive brake dust and they need to be removed using a wheel nut brush. Adding water will help to loosen the dust which is accumulated on the brake.

Cleaning wheel nuts

Cleaning Wheel wells

Places such as the under a portion of the wheel and panel wheels accumulate a lot of dust and dirt. So, equal importance should be given to cleaning the panel wheels as well.  You need to shift from a normal alloy cleaner to a multipurpose cleaner. You will also need a brush with a long handle and sturdy brush.


Sometimes, the cleaner may leave some spots. Thus, you need to rinse every part of the wheel very thoroughly. Do not leave any portion without rinsing. Also, rinse the places between the spokes and wheel nut holes.

Hand dry

Wipe off the extra moisture from the wheels using a dry microfiber towel. This eliminates the chances of leaving any water spots. However, do not sue your towel for any other purpose as you may spread the brake dust onto the exterior finish of your car.


Using a cloth, apply the polish all over the wheel. You could attach the polish to a power drill to spread the polish. You can then slowly increases the speed until the polish is dried. Wipe off the surfaces using a clean microfiber towel.


Once you have followed these steps, your alloy wheel is sure to look better and its durability will be maintained.