Floor Slip Testing For Your Business Is A Requirement

Floor Slip Testing For Your Business Is A Requirement

For many businesses, slip testing may seem insignificant in a time where money is tight and there are more competing priorities. No one has ever had an accident due to a slippery floor, but does that mean that a slipping accident will never happen, ever?

Some companies think that floor slip testing is not necessary, hoping that by laying a few mats around the floor will solve this problem. That’s not always the case though. Here are the reasons why floor slip testing is important.

Safety Before Grand Opening

The last thing you want is to have to deal with fall or slip accidents during your grand opening. That is why it is very important that you do not forgo testing the floor professionally first before you open its doors for business. This test is also called “floor friction.” It is best done by a professional to make sure that it meets the minimum safety standards for slip resistance.

Ensure Accurate Results

Sure you can do the testing on your own, however, if you have a professional check the floors, you are assured of accurate results. Simply because your floors will require specialized equipment that only professional testers have. They have the knowledge and experience to do it.

Floor Slip

Inspect For Further Repair Needs

Your floors will not only be checked for flaws, but it will also be identified to see if they need to be fixed first. This is another benefit if you prefer to hire a professional to inspect your floor. And if determined that your floor needs work first, these professionals can give you an advice on how to do so. Remember that you must ensure that your workplace or establishment is as safe as possible and the professional can show you how to do it right.

Avoid Costly Accident Claims

Slip resistance testing will give you a peace of mind that your floors are safe. And in case there is an accident claim caused by your allegedly slippery floors, you will have proof that it’s been thoroughly inspected and deemed safe by a professional inspector. And to prove the claim wrong, they may require a testing to be done again. This would be easier for you since you already have contact with a professional.

Why Professional Slip Testing is Important

There are many different types of professional floor slip testings out there – dry floor friction, wet pendulum slip testing, barefoot ramp testing, and oil wet ramp testing. These are the most common types required by many establishments. Professional slip test results can provide you with valid proof you might need against false claims. That is why if you know that you need your floors tested, only call the professionals to do it for you.