What is charity or CSR?

Charity is a social service done by any organization or individual to help people in need. As there are many corporate social responsible people around the world, they do help people in need. Whoever is in need will make the movement of raising helping hands from their earning. In Singapore, we can notice there are many volunteers in helping every person who are unfortunate with their needs. As with the growing economic rate, we will meet many needy throughout our life path. Mostly people have the thought of helping those in need. But many do not make it from their thought. They will consider their plan in making out their needs instead helping those people. Thus charity organizations are there to help people in need with their kind heart. They do help every person in need with what they have. Charity organizations are non profit service that works only to help people.

CSR is the self regulating system that makes an organization to involve in social activities. G&L surgical is one of the CSR with many helping hands in the lead of ganesh ramalingam. He is a head surgeon in the G&L surgical with his team of people. He has the passion to help people with what he has in his life. He is more involved in charity activities along with the doctor profession. He is more concerned about the profession and the charity work. Charity work cannot be done by everyone, it needs kind heart to spread love and help those in need.