What Are Ceramic Diffuser You Can Buy These Ceramic Diffusers Online!

A ceramic diffuser is the oldest form of porous diffuser that allows oil to evaporate and disperse into the air. It can hold upto one or two drops of oil. They prefer to use it in a small area for personal use. It is not ideal for a large extent. 


They have pores in it that allow the air to flow to aerate the wastewater liquid. The pores in it are fixed i.e., and they can’t be closed or opened. Therefore, they have been used in the wastewater treatment industry for many years. They come in the form of a tube, disc, or dome shape. 


They are mostly made up of alumina. The alumina or aluminum oxide of the advanced Ceramic is made of bauxite and vitreous silicate. Earlier the ceramic diffuser used to have silicon dioxide. But, it got replaced with alumina as alumina is more durable.


The ceramic disc diffusers are the most common in the market. They mostly come in a 9-inch diameter disc. The diameter can range from 7 to 20 inches. Its thickness comes from ¾ to 7½


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Why Are The Ceramic Diffusers Prefered Over Rubber Diffusers? 

Ceramic diffusers do not shrink, creep, or crack, unlike rubber diffuser. It is because they do not contain rubber or plasticizer. Their membrane operates with less headloss and has slightly higher OTE when not much used than rubber diffusers. Their performance is better with the oil or greases. It can even handle high temperatures up to 80 Fahrenheit. Due to Ceramic’s higher durability, they last longer if you keep them well maintained and it does not foul. They have high susceptibility as the majority of Ceramic do not foul. These are the reason it is better to buy the ceramic diffuser compared to the rubber diffusers.


Even though they have so many advantages, there are some disadvantages to them. They do not have a protective coating like the rubber diffusers. Due to this, they get clogged. Their maintenance cost is relatively high. They are less energy-efficient and have a shorter lifespan. They cannot be used for industrial wastes. They are expensive to install. 

How To Clean Them? 

These diffusers are quite expensive to clean. It requires a gas cleaner system due to susceptibility to fouling. Bleach and Hydrochloric acid are used to clean them effectively. It is said that once their pores are clogged, they remain clogged even after washing. You need to have specified equipment and licensing fees to get them cleaned, which costs a lot. Therefore, cleaning them is too expensive.


You can buy these ceramic diffusers online. Many websites sell them. They will provide you with discounts and offers with them. These diffusers will be best for the wastewater industry and can even handle high load.