Want to buy best dryer for your home follow simple step-by-steps

Dryers became more common nowadays as it fastly dries up clothes in this busy life and dryers online at The Good Guys are of best quality.

Size selection is important

Most of the people directly put all the clothes from the laundry bag into the dryer without any idea of how much they weigh and without knowing this all select bigger dryers but most of the people only wash on average 3 kg of clothes.

So to buy a correct dryer for you first you should measure how much you are putting in dryer on an average and if it is less then going for vented dryers are better for you because other dryers like heat pump dryers basic size capacity bis more than 7 kgs so accordingly calculate and buy.

Some additional requirements

  • Venting there are plenty of venting kits available in the market and these venting helps in removing hot air orelse the walls in that room will be having moulds and other dust  ..If you keep the dryer near an open space like a window or door then venting is not needed.
  • Having less space then go for wall mounted dryers and wall mounted dryers and for this wall mounting only suitable type of dryer is vented dryer because others like heat pump dryer and condenser dryer are heavily weighed and cannot be set up on walls.
  • There are filters present in the dryers and they should be cleaned regularly for better functioning of Dryers so if it is located in the front side of the dryer then it would be easy for customers.
  • Few dryers online at The Good Guys have drying racks. A few items can be dried over there itself which cannot be used in dryers and they can be hung here in the drying rack.
  • Auto programming is present in few dryers which itself guess whether the clothes dried or not and the dryers stop automatically accordingly.
  • Separate program is there for delicates and woolens and many m hiore and these require less temperature air for drying when this program is selected.
  • Child lock can be set, if you have small children in home and while playing they can click start button for fun so here if we set a child lock them it cannot be started just by pressing start but while set up we provide a combination of buttons to start and that combination only need to be pressed to start the machine.
  • Delay run option is present in dryers which helps in setting to run delay and clothes would be for more time in dryers but remember you should never start washing machine when you are going out or no one at home because sometimes it may cause fire hazards.

There are different types of installing both washing machine and dryer machine

  • You can install both the washing machine and dryer machine side by side and this is possible if you have more space.
  • You can install like stackable that is above washing machine dryer can be fixed
  • You can keep the dryer as a wall mounted above the washing machine.