down coat men

If you are planning for high altitude winter trek, it is good to take a down jacket with you. It helps you to keep warm at a cold temperature. They are featured with under feathers or packets and they act as good insulators. It requires some special care to maintain down jackets.

Tips to maintain down jackets

Check down jacket fill-power

The fill power and weight are the two things to consider while buying down jackets at Tatras. You should not buy a jacket with low fill-power if you are trekking for high mountains. More weight will retain more heat.

Avoid wearing it during the trek

You should wear down jackets while walking on a trek as it you may get tired of sweating and get hydrated quickly.

Avoid wearing it during rains

Down jackets are not waterproof and they will lose their fluffiness if they are used in water for long hours.

Avoid regular washing

If you wash down jackets regularly or after every trek, they might lose their fluffiness and splash-proof layer.

Air it out regularly

To avoid getting moistened it is good practice to dry your jacket in direct sunlight once or twice a month. It keeps the feathers drier and fluffy.

Also while washing your jacket makes sure it completely dried up in direct sunlight. Otherwise it feathers get bunched up.

Avoid dry cleaning

Most dry cleaners don’t know to dry clean it. You might lose the quality of your expensive down jackets.

Avoid hard detergent washing

Hard detergent washing will damage the jacket’s splash-proof layer and quality. Hang it in a hanger instead of folding to retain its feather quality.

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