A swing set for the backyard is a significant investment that will be a part of your outdoor landscape for many years. There are several factors to consider before purchasing and several decisions to make before settling on one. Read on to find out what details must be decided on ahead of time.

When you decide to buy a swing set for your backyard, the first thing you should do is measure the perimeter of the intended backyard space to determine how large a set you can afford. When measuring, make sure to include a 5-6 foot perimeter area around the set. This is referred to as the “fall zone.”

If your set is 7x6x8, remember to leave enough space (up to six feet) for the swings to swing back and forth and the slide to come down. Allow enough room for the kids to run around the swing set.

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In addition to the play zone area, you must ensure that the space in your yard where you intend to place the playset is level. Slides can be easily leveled from the bottom, but the set’s A-frame must be level. This will prevent the wooden legs from shifting or moving while the jungle gym is in use.

Make a list of the play accessories your children want, and start from there when deciding on a set. Narrow down your options by unit size, followed by price. You will need to know what your children’s top priorities are. Choose the set based on their favorite type of playtime activity.

Girls will most likely want multiple swings and an enclosed playhouse, whereas boys will enjoy the monkey bars and climbing walls. If you can’t find a set that has everything you want, some swing set dealers will let you customize it by adding features that you want. Gorilla Playsets, like Playnation, allow for customization.

Because they occupy the same space on the beam, you can add a trapeze or a glider to any swing beam to personalize your wooden swing set. Small accessories such as a steering wheel, punching bag, buoy ball, or telescope can also be swapped out. This method can even be used to update a swing set. Swap out the old playset accessories for new ones while using the existing frame.

The final decision you must make is where to buy it. You can buy swing sets online, allowing you to do your research from the comfort of your own home. If you buy from an online dealer, you can have it built for you if you pay extra. Some mega stores do not provide building services at your home, so you should know if that is something you will require from the start.

Before you buy, compare warranties and brands. If you don’t have any regrets, purchasing a new swing set will be a fun decision.