One of the most common methods of exercise is walking. Most people choose walking for, exercise because it is very easy to do and also help you to lose weight and stay fit. The necessary equipment to do, walking in the right shoes. If you do not have proper mens walking shoes then you will not be able to walk for a long time. Any individual would like to do any work or activity only if they have comfortable doing it. For walking, if you do not have proper shoes then it will be difficult to walk daily. Let us look into some of the important features which you should look for while buying walking shoes.

mens walking shoes

  • Support your heel with a snug heel counter: This part of the shoe must fit your heel. When the shoe fits correctly, you will feel comfortable while walking.
  • Slight roominess in the toe box: The place which covers your toes is known as the toe box. The toe box should have enough space where you should be able to freely bend or twist your toes. If the toe box space is too less, then it will become tight and, you will not be able to walk comfortably.
  • Look for outsoles with good traction: Are you thinking, what outsole is? It is the part of the shoe that touches the ground. Make sure you check the outsole if it has grooves or not. Grooves are important because it produces traction and helps you from slipping.
  • Midsoles are made of a cushioning material: There is no doubt that midsoles are an important part of the shoe. The midsole are the part between the upper part of the shoe and the tramp. The midsole should be made up of soft materials like gel, foam, and air. Such material will give you cushioning effect when you keep your foot down.
  • Good shock absorption with quality insoles: when you are walking your feet should not feel as if they are touching something hard. That is why cushioning material is important. The insole shape should be exactly like your foot so that it can absorb all the pressure. If you like a pair of shoes as it is best in all the ways but if it does not have proper insole then there is no need to worry you can buy separate insole and put them in the shoe.
  • Assess each shoe’s breathability: Usually while walking the heart rate is increased and your feet start sweating. That is you must wear a breathable shock and, the shoe should have a breathable membrane. If it is not there then the sweat will create moisture inside and you might have to suffer from blisters which will be very painful.


Hope this information will help you to pick the right shoes for your walking.