Apart from bathing, it is needed to clean up the face and eyes of your dog so that he remains free from stains, clumps, dried food, and other dirt and gunk. This is an important aspect of pet grooming bocaraton. You can make use of wet wipes for this purpose. They are convenient and irritation free for your dog. But choose wipes that are designed specifically for dogs only.

Pet grooming tips fort lauderal:

Use a soft, washcloth or sponge that is clean: use water to moisten the sponge or cloth. Do not use napkins or paper towels that disintegrate and shred easily and there will be small paper bits left.

Be firm but gentle: do not use too much force. Make sure to dislodge and soften bits of dirt and food. Use soft strokes multiple times instead of using few forceful swipes.

Clean the eyes of your dog: using a moistened sponge or washcloth you should wipe around your dog’s eyes gently to remove any dirt. You can use moist cotton wool instead. Make sure to use a separate swab for each eye.

Clean the ears of your dog: you can use dry cotton wool to wipe the ears of your dog. Do not poke anything inside the ear as it might get damaged. The discharge or excessive wax from the ear can show that there are ear mites or infection in the ear.

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