Caring for a dog is much more difficult than caring for a cat. She needs a lot more attention. And in terms of cleanliness, the differences are palpable. Because of this, dog grooming is so popular today.

Dog grooming Brickell includes gentle combing and removal of matted hair, haircut, claw treatment, and ear and eye cleaning. Brickell dog grooming includes gentle cleansing of the para-anal glands, washing with specially designed lines of cosmetics for dogs, massage and much more. All this is necessary for your pet to feel healthy, cheerful and beautiful.

Those owners whose animals do not have abundant or long hair are a little lucky. Their pets require much less care. It is enough to purchase a rubber glove to remove moulting, and a special shampoo to bathe the dog as needed. Well, if you are going to the exhibition – special preparations to enhance the shine of wool and its colour.

Dogs with rough coats are stripped. This Brickell dog grooming  procedure for removing dead hairs is carried out several times a year and replaces the process of natural moulting for your pet. In addition, the haircut is adjusted once every one and a half to two months. Stripping cannot be replaced by shaving because shaving changes the structure of the coat and leads to the loss of its natural qualities, making the coat soft.

Eye care in brachycephalic breeds is very difficult. These are pugs, Pekingese, bulldogs, etc. In dogs of other breeds, it will be enough to wipe the corners of the eyes daily with napkins, you can use eye lotion. If there is more discharge from the eyes than usual, this is a signal that you should consult a doctor.

Ear cleaning is also carried out with a lotion. In some breeds of dogs, hair is removed from the auricle by plucking. Water shouldn’t get into the dog’s ears when washing, it threatens her with otitis media.

Dog nails must be trimmed regularly, and excessively elongated nails prevent the paw from functioning properly, which affects the dog’s gait and can lead to deformity and orthopaedic problems. When cutting nails, you need to be very careful not to touch the blood vessels.