dryer repair augusta ga

People needed reliable and qualified specialists who could solve the problem of their electrical appliances in the shortest possible time with perfect work. For repairing dryers in the Augusta Active Appliance Inc. – the best place. They repair appliances, such as stoves, washing machines, dryers of all types, as well as dryers of all types, such as single, double, side-by-side. They completely check the problem and try to solve it as soon as possible. They even send technicians to the customers’ house, for which they have to pay for labor. All specialists are certified for gas and can give good recommendations to consumers, since they are highly qualified. The company is fully insured. Provide the customer with a model and serial number so that they can quickly get their share. They allow the client to know in advance the cost of dryer repair augusta ga. The cost of repairs is fixed and has no hidden costs; If they could not solve the problem, they do not charge. They provide uninterrupted, safe, fast and reliable service. They guarantee repairs for at least one year. Highly qualified specialists use new and high-quality parts for the dryer. They take meetings to visit customers at a convenient time. Your service is open 24/7 per week.

Common problems that all consumers face regarding the cost of a default dryer:

  • Water leaks under the fridge.
  • Water inside the dryer.
  • Broken ice machine.
  • The temperature is not properly maintained in the dryer and freezer.
  • Moisture on the entire outer surface of the dryer.

For these reasons, the food in the fridge spoils and fumigates an unpleasant smell. Technicians solve these problems or, if necessary, replace parts:

  • Wiringdryer repair augusta ga
  • Control modules.
  • Thermostats for defrosting and thermistors.
  • Boot kits.
  • Timers thawing.
  • Door joints.
  • Kits for defrosting heaters and ice machine assemblies.
  • Water intake valves.
  • Evaporator fan motors.
  • Condenser fan motors.

Qualified and trained professionals also troubleshoot common dryer problems, such as:

  • If it is not heating.
  • When the drum is not spinning.
  • If the door switch is faulty.
  • When it does not start
  • If the belt is broken.
  • If the dryer is too much noise.
  • When it takes more time to dry clothes.
  • When the clothes are still wet, even after a full drying cycle.
  • Or clothes dry slowly.