Quality Gym Equipment

There are many ways to boost a healthy and fit body. Aside from having a healthy diet plan, performing regular exercise is also another effective way. Sweat Central has a list of gym equipment inventory for your fitness goals.

Do you plan to build that muscle mass but have no idea how? Do you think cardio equipment can help the natural function of your heart? What gym equipment can help burn excess fats and calories? All these can be answered by the gym equipment buyable below.

High-quality treadmills

If you plan to buy high-quality treadmills at home, bodyworx sport 1.25CHP 1250 is the perfect gym equipment for:

  • Running
  • Walking
  • Jogging

It is mostly recommended, a high-quality treadmill that has marked down the retail price this year. It is a great low-cost treadmill, ideal for general fitness. The fitness machine is easy to store, foldable, and movable with an incline of 12 and 14kph top speed, providing a great variety of exercises for the whole family.

The small running area of the machine makes it space-friendly and a great start for your general fitness goals.

Power racks and stands

The full power racks are available in different models, namely:

  • Set – Portable Squat Rack. It has these quality features:
    • 7ft Barbell
    • Adjustable Bench
    • 20kg Olympic Weights Collars
  • 70kg gym package. Enjoy the following additions:
    • Power cage Olympic barbell
    • Adjustable bench
    • Weight plates
  • PR016 Power Cage Squat Rack. This is a perfect gym strength equipment at home

PR525 Power cage rack has the basic squat position, which is the cheapest of them all.

For the weight lifting bench, the most recommended are:

  • Commercial flat bench
  • Weight lifting flat bench

For strength gym equipment

Aside from weights and cardio gym machines, you might also get interested in strength gym equipment, such as quality dumbbell sets. You can buy quality sets of dumbbells at the lowest retail prices, such as:

  • Package of 2 kg. It has a vertical storage rack tree and 10 kg rubber hex dumbbells.
  • Package of 3kg. It has a vertical weights storage rack tree and 15kg rubber hex dumbbells.
  • Package of 2 kg. It has a 2-tier storage rack and 10 kg rubber hex dumbbells.
  • Package of 5kg. It has a 2-tier storage rack and 20kg rubber hex dumbbells.

These are the top three quality dumbbells that you can buy online. If you wish to shop more of this kind, then you can browse the list of quality sets of dumbbells posted. The retail prices of these dumbbells don’t simply mark down, but also at their cheapest prices.

There are more to choose from the list of home gym equipment. Instead of paying for a monthly membership to the gym, why not have this gym equipment at home?