trigger finger pain relief singapore

Trigger finger will be more painful and it may also provide some kind of discomfort to the victim. Even though there are several treatment procedures for trigger finger, exercises can be a better solution in all the cases. They can support faster recovery. Some of the exercises which are good for treating trigger finger are mentioned below.

trigger finger pain relief singapore

Extensor stretch

One must keep their hand straight on a flat surface like table. The finger which is affected should be lifted and rested carefully with other hand. This should be done five times repeatedly. And this five set of movements should be repeated at least of thrice in a day.

Finger spread

The tips of the finger should be gathered together and they can be tied with an elastic band. The fingers should be moved away from thumb. This movement can be done until the band gets tightened. This should be repeated ten times without any constraint. Like that of the previous exercise this should also be repeated three times a day.

Object pickup

 Small objects like coins and buttons should be used for this exercise. One must pick up the coin by using the thumb and the finger which is affected. The coin should be picked and must be kept in the opposite side in the table. This should be repeated at least for five times. And this should be done two times a day.

Even though exercises are best solution, one must consult the expert for trigger finger pain relief singapore in order to find a permanent and risk free solution for their problem.