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Under bite is a condition about the relationship and alignment of lower and upper teeth when the jaw is closed. This condition in the medical term is known as Class Three Malocclusion. The term malocclusion refers to the misalignment of the teeth. The term can also be applied to the incorrect placement between lower and upper teeth which will result with some bite issues while chewing, talking and even the oral hygiene. This short article is focused to enlighten the readers about the malocclusion and about the under bite surgery, which is performed in the extreme cases to correct the teeth alignment. The word under bite is a condition known as Madibular Prognathism in medical parlance. Technically there are many types of malocclusion exists. In normal situations the correction is done through few non-invasive procedures for correcting this abnormality with the concerned individuals. It extreme cases the under bite surgery is performed which is generally called as Class III Malocclusion treatment for the suffering individuals. Dental experts at the dental x-rays los angeles clinics are too good in performing this complex surgery.

Underbite Surgery – A Complex procedure dental x-rays los angeles

There are various types of bite issues are identified by the medical experts. An under bite seems to be the protruding of the lower jaw. By proper a treatment the protruded lower jaw can be pushed back even without a surgery. Earlier detection is needed for such steps when such situation is found in the growing children. This surgical procedure is generally done by a orthodontic surgeon or by an peridontist. Undoubtedly this seems to be a complex procedure where the expert will cut the mandible namely the upper jaw and the maxillary bone namely the lower jaw and realign the space in a proper manner so that they can meet when the jaw is closed.

Being a complex procedure this underbite surgery needs more time to perform and is considered to be expensive too. More importantly the procedure carries some ongoing health risks.  This procedure is recommended as a last option for those who suffer from the severe Class III Malocclusion. Many of the suffering patients generally do not cover at the time of taking the insurance package. Even while considering the genuine cases the insurance firms only pay half the charges after a thorough investigation of every case with the concerned medical experts who perform such surgeries. As the post operative care is also known to be expensive the overall cost of these dental corrections are seemingly prohibitive for the suffering individuals.