Help the environment and your pocket; save money on gas: Things you can start doing today. Adopting eco-friendly driving techniques, such as can help:

  • Increasing the engine speed consumes more fuel. The ideal rate is 20 km/h every 5 seconds.
  • Driving 100 km/h instead of less than 120 km/h reduces fuel consumption by 20%.
  • It moves at a steady speed. I am running burns much fat, even at high speeds. For example, changing the speed at a speed rate from 75 km/h to 85 km/h every 18 seconds can increase fuel consumption by 20%. Cruise control on the highway is suggested.
  • Depress the pedal slowly. Instant braking and emergency braking only reduce driving time by 4% but increase fuel consumption by 39%.
  • Keep away. Keep a certain distance from the vehicle in front to avoid sudden reactions. It also helps prevent unprovoked braking and acceleration.

Maintain your car

Keeping the car running smoothly is essential because a poorly maintained car can consume 25% more fuel. For a full inspection of your vehicle, please visit their service center. Regular maintenance should also be done by taking the car to a dealer, a trusted mechanic, or a CAA-Quebec certified auto repair shop. Builders can check things like braking systems to ensure they don’t collide with the wheels, increasing gas mileage.

Maintain air in the tires

The running of the tires is an issue, but did you know it also affects fuel consumption? Likewise, defective wheels can cause the car to burn much much fuel, leading to flat tires. The permissible pressure is displayed on the door.

Think Electric or Hybrid; think future

A small gasoline car costs about four times more for 100 kilometers than an electric car. Electric vehicle stickers can be expensive, but don’t stick to them! In many cases, besides government incentives, energy efficiency, and lower maintenance costs, choosing an electric vehicle will pay off within a few years.

Be eco-friendly, sustainable, and save money on gas: Things you can start doing today. Follow the above tips and notice the difference for yourself.