Sunroom addition types: Sunrooms can come in many different shapes and sizes, but most classic sunrooms fall into the following three categories:

Patio Room Additions. Patio room sunrooms additions in Richmond Hill, GA are generally open-air additions on the back of the home with a concrete floor and windows on all four walls. Patios can be roofed or non-roofed, and they sit between 5 and 30 feet from the exterior wall of your house. Conservatories are similar to patio rooms in that they are usually large, glassed-in extensions attached to the rear of your house. Conservatories have higher roofs than patios or screened porches, though their roofs are not as high as those found in standard sunrooms. Conservatories are more expensive to build than patios or screened porches. Standard Sunrooms. Sunrooms are true rooms, enclosed by walls on all sides and made up of four glass panels with a solid wall behind them. They usually have cathedral ceilings and some kind of heating unit to warm the air during cold months. Like conservatories, standard sunrooms are more costly to construct than patios or screened porches.

Sunroom addition costs: The cost of your sunroom will depend on numerous factors, including its size, the materials used in its construction, where you live, and whether you’re building it yourself or hiring a contractor. A sunroom addition’s cost can range from $20 per square foot for an average patio room to $80 per square foot for the most luxurious standard sunroom. Conservatories are generally more costly than patios or screened porches because they are larger, enclosed rooms with tall roofs that require extra materials to construct.

Sunroom addition advantages: A sunroom can be a wonderful addition to your home if you use it as an extension of your living space. Sunrooms make excellent entertainment areas where you can host parties, relaxing areas where you can read on sunny days, and quiet spaces where you can enjoy nature without ever stepping outside.

Sunroom addition disadvantages: One main disadvantage of adding a sunroom is that these additions aren’t cheap. While patio rooms cost less than standard or conservatory additions, they are still pricey. Additionally, sunrooms can be quite warm during the summer months and require air conditioning to keep you comfortable.