Wine storage systems

Those who know, know how sensitive wines are to temperature. The main reason behind storing wines in underground cellars was to protect them from fluctuating temperatures. Changing temperatures lead to the development of off-taste that destroys the essence of drinking. Therefore it is essential to maintain just the right temperature. Your regular fridge might be unable to do it, while wine storage systems are made specifically for storing alcohol.Experts design them to provide the right light and temperature to wine bottles and adjust them accordingly. Many more factors need to be considered before choosing a wine fridge, and we will do it for you.

Whether you have just begun storing wine in your home or have been using it for a long, the need for a customized wine storage solution has been felt by us all at least once in our lives.

The critical factors of wine storage

  • The right light intensity- do you know that UV radiations are harmful to your skin and wines? Wines are fermented products. Therefore, excess light or harsh light intensity can break down alcohol if there is a slight difference in light adjustment. The wine storage solution adjusts light according to the requirements and natural light presence.
  • Temperature- The best wine storage temperature for wine is around 55 Celsius, which slows the aging process. Too high or too low temperature can lead to the development of off taste and destroy the essence.
  • Vibrations- Too much agitation may lead to the spread of contained fuzz,which disturbs the formation of the barm head or beer head on the top of a wine bottle.

The wine storage solution is your overall optimized solution for wine storage throughout the year.