The term die-cutting arises from two different things. Think of it as if you’re trying to shape a dough using a cookie cutter to give your baked cookie a certain shape that is unique. A “die” is a thin, yet really sharp piece of metal that has been forged into the printing company’s or the client’s desired shape that can later be used to cut papers or huge sheets of paper into that specific shape at once.

What does Die-Cutting mean?

Die-cutting is automated, heavy machinery is used in the factories that make use of specific dies’ that cut through and make more similar pieces in an efficient and uniform manner. Some printers are available with pre-installed standard dies that can be used to make the basic shape cuts. But it is advised to make use of custom dies in order to make custom cuts that are solely based on the client’s desires.

Why should you choose Rolling Meadows?

The Die Cutting services in Rolling Meadows, deal with a huge variety of printing attributes. Their corporation involves working on bindery, brochures, newsletters, specialty printing, business cards, etc.

The specialty printing allows the clients to have an upper hand amidst their own business rivalries in terms of presentation since it deals with giving their business cards an enhanced look and feel after being finished. It is a process that happens inline after the finished marketing piece is about to be sent to the press, or after it has been sent to the press.

They provide you with the services that most printing services or regular printers can’t, which are professional and premium at the same time. Their set of premium print finishes include UV varnishing, High Gloss Spot, Folding, Embossing, and Die-Cutting.

From these finishes, Die-cutting is favored a lot because it is a finishing technique that is performed while inline printing happens. It allows you to cut our shapes, make perforations, make creases on the printed surfaces which develop a creative outlook towards the final piece.