Online lottery has been a very lucrative attraction for online gambling casinos as there are a lot of people betting and playing it online at any given day. Because tickets are relatively cheaper and the game is virtually passive, all you have to do is buy your tickets choose your numbers and wait. Online Bitcoin lottery, on the other hand, is virtually the same, but with the added bonus of having a much larger jackpot at the end being dangled for bettors to keep on betting. Although it borders on the impossible to have any influence on the results, one can definitely do something about factors they can control, such as how to choose the numbers either by luck or with the help of science. Yes, these will work in the same way as they did in an online lottery in the traditional sense, because they are virtually the same.

Can you win without technical bitcoin knowledge?

The short answer? Yes, you definitely can! it is the same lottery in lottoland that you enjoy, except with a bigger payout and played with a different currency. There is no need for technical knowledge because you can now get bitcoins by trading, in the same manner as to how you get regular money. The main differences lay in what you are betting and the kind of jackpot money you will win in case you are lucky.

Choosing your numbers

Any number has the same chance of being drawn. But some numbers get drawn more than others. Check out a lotto website for the frequencies on what numbers win on their site. These numbers you can also use as your own combination and will likely give you better odds. Playing the Bitcoin lottery actually also gives you better odds, as there are fewer players using bitcoin.


Is it safe?

While there are inherent dangers in being online, especially when online gambling, they can all be countered by being on your toes and staying away from unlicensed and unregulated sites. There are ways to check whether or not you are in one and if you find out you are, immediately switch to a licensed one. The usual ways to safeguard your accounts also apply and contribute to whether you will be safe or not. Stronger passwords and keeping your wits about you at all times while playing will go a long way to safeguard your precious data and money. is the hottest faucet on the internet today. Users become addicted to the Bitcoin-rich rewards to claim from the site. Millions of bitcoin investors are able to earn bitcoins. The online gambling company is the safest and legit bitcoin faucet. The platform is hosted for more than 10 million registered users. It naturally gets its success since it comes out online.