Cryptocurrency is now becoming popular among people and everybody wants to have some of these. Though it is accepted worldwide, Bitcoins are expensive to possess. Thus we search for some free bitcoins on the internet. Luckily, there are some companies which offer a free giveaway of bitcoins daily. It is called bitcoin faucets.

If Bitcoin is like a dollar, then satoshi is considered to be the “cent” of bitcoin.  Its value is hundredth of a millionth of a bitcoin. Free bitcoins are given away in the forms of satoshis. Faucets usually operate at a specific interval of time. One needs to complete some task or play a simple game in order to win free satoshis. Once you complete the task, the system will generate a fraction of bitcoins. The value of this fraction changes according to the fluctuation of the bitcoin rate in the market.

So now you must be worrying how the faucet owners make money out of this giveaway? Well, the answer is simple, advertisements. Bitcoin faucet owner deposits some bitcoins in the wallet. Viewers visit the website according to the rating of the website. And as the rating increases, other companies approach the faucet owners for advertisements.


According to the surveys, the following are some of the famous faucet available

  1. Cointiply
  2. io
  3. Moon Bitcoin
  4. Satoshi Quiz
  5. Bitcoin Alien

It is now easy for newcomers to have some free pennies in their wallet; however, while choosing a faucet one must do some research and background check. You may waste your time and energy and end up having an empty wallet. So be wise and start indulging only after thorough research.