Some classic films have come from Telugu cinema. Bollywood films have frequently drawn inspiration from Tollywood. The majority of the great Bollywood Telugu original remakes have done well. Both the critics and the Telugu-speaking audience have praised the wide range of stories and original screenplays that were given to the audience.

The emergence of OTT platforms has made linguistic barriers less common. Free Telugu Movies Online has allowed viewers to see previously unheard-of original films. The current trend is for works to tell realistic and deep stories. And on OTT platforms, these top-rated Free Telugu Movies Online are now receiving the acclaim they rightfully deserve.

  1. Gundamma Katha 

One of the greatest Telugu films ever made is Gundamma Katha. The timeless movie is nothing less than an emotional and amusing roller coaster. After its premiere in 1962, the movie has been in theaters for 60 years. Gundamma Katha was a huge hit and had a lot of intriguing trivia associated with it. When we take a look back at the movie, even after 60 years, it still feels so new and energizing. It has been proven after the Gundamma Katha movie online release on the OTT platform such as AHA.

Gundamma Katha | Watch 2022 Gundamma Katha Telugu Movie Online For Free -  MX Player

In Vijayawada, Gundamma Katha celebrated its silver anniversary. Due to the ongoing China War, the money the creators would spend on the celebrations was donated to the National Defense Fund. But the Gundamma Katha movie online debut makes huge money across the OTT platform.

  1. Premabhishekam 

Rajesh (ANR) is the wealthy guy Satyamurthy’s son (Prabhakar Reddy). He loves to live life on his terms and is highly educated. He develops feelings for the stunning Sridevi (Sridevi). At first, Sridevi rejects Rajesh’s love, but the latter eventually wins her heart thanks to his perseverance. In addition, Chakravarthy’s friend Prasad (Murali Mohan), who is in love with Sridevi, has a brother named Chakravarthy (Mohan Babu). Chakravarthy makes the decision to wed his buddy and sister. The narrative enters a new phase when Rajesh discovers that he has cancer. His family physician (Gummadi) warns him not to disclose this information to anyone. Rajesh is well aware that Sridevi will not survive if she learns about his terminal illness. That made up the rest of the story.

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