The Urban Alchemist – Making Your Life Better

About The Urban Alchemist

This is the one-stop sanctuary for healing and health in North Carlton, Melbourne. The primary aim of this community is to help people relax, heal from their physical and mental bruises, redirect their path to one of health, and to help people to find their purpose and live their lives in a satisfying and full method. Human beings try to prevent themselves from growing by using distractions like drugs, using food that will keep you fatigued, overworking, helping others too much, and more. They may do this for a variety of reasons which The Urban Alchemist understands and help to combat.


How do people try to prevent themselves from growing? Why? How does this community help to prevent this? Find out here!

People can growth-proof themselves by:

  • Wasting your time by browsing through the internet or watching TV excessively.
  • People knowingly or unknowingly create drama in their own lives to distract themselves from the more important aspects of their lives. Sometimes they get excessively involved in others’ drama for the same reason.
  • Getting into toxic relationships. Most people do not realize that their partner is toxic and they stay in the relationship, thus ruining their own mental health.
  • Helping others way too much. Of course, helping people is highly necessary but it should not be at the cost of your mental health.

Why is this done?

  • Moving away from your loved ones or from a place that you were comfortable with can lead to a feeling of loss and co-dependence and can lead to issues like substance abuse.
  • When one feels uncertain about the future or uncomfortable with the changing situations, they may try to distract themselves.
  • Some may feel afraid of discovering their full potential and acting on it as it may mean that they would rise above the people and things they are familiar with. So they try to prevent themselves from growing.

The community offers tricks and tips on how to prevent yourself from doing this and how to boost the growth in your life.


They treat a variety of symptoms and illnesses that may affect one’s body, mind, and soul. They treat lower back pain, neck pain, skin conditions, and anxiety, all of which are issues that can disrupt one’s daily life and productivity. They also treat illnesses like arthritis, respiratory illnesses, and depression.

What are the services offered?

The Urban Alchemist provides a variety of services and treatments like chiropractic bodywork, massage therapy sessions like sports massage, prenatal massage, shiatsu massage, grief massage, ayurvedic head massage, and more. They provide different kinds of counseling like clinical psychology, hypnotherapy, counseling and psychotherapy, and sessions that help to quit smoking naturally. They also have services like energy healing for the soul.

You can call them or enquire online about any queries you may have. You can also book sessions online. Book now for a rejuvenating experience.