How to check your employee background

Trust plays a major role in everyone’s life, and building trust in another person or product is more difficult. It is a powerful bond between two individuals, and you cannot create easily. For products, you cannot buy any brand of the product without its quality, trust, and loyalty. In business and other organizations, the background checks of profile and working skills can create trust between an employee and employer. In earlier days, you cannot do the background checks and analysis of a person easily. But, in recent times, there are many tools and solutions available to identify the complete background and personal checks of a person. This verification process is more important for the companies to avoid employment and other major problems.

The Intercheck is an Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) that is developed in Australia to cover the requirements of employers and for background checks. It is not only an acceptable norm in companies but also for various compliance like health care, finance (ASIC), Aged care, and in the child care industries. With the help of employment screening expertise and technology, they have helped nearly 1200 business entities to protect themselves from the streamlined verification process and potential HR risks. They hire the best team of quality experts to help complete the check-up process of employers.


Reasons for choosing this checking service

  • It is a non-profit association and an affiliate with the government. As it is under the government, it is completely free and does not cost any charge for their service.
  • They provide a more innovative and user-friendly service of background checks and helps companies to experience the positive effect when using their service.
  • They render different services and provide solutions for various processes like compliance checks, background checks, license, and qualification management all in one place.
  • The commission provides the best online platforms for organizations to manage employee licenses, credentials, and qualifications securely.
  • They also offer dynamic verification badges to share economy platforms.
  • They contain express police check platforms to help companies in real-time monitoring of data and to get the customized reports.
  • The police check helps in tracking the criminal history information of both the business and individuals in a cost-effective and faster way.
  • They provide the background check reports within 1-2 business days to help companies in the employment and choosing the right trusted person.
  • It also comprises HR and seamless API integration solutions to give way to integrate reporting features and background screenings directly into the workflows and HR systems.
  • It helps in managing, verifying, and storing all the details, qualifications, compliances, and police checks in one place in a secured way.

You can contact Intercheck Australia e-mails, ABN, and fax. To know more details about their services and benefits, you can visit their online page and they will help you by providing adequate information. They have also shared their location and postal address at their site. You can visit their commission only after getting proper appointments.