Tips to sell your car

If you are interested in selling your car or have already placed the ad, we give you some tips to get it sold quickly. Click here for used car dealerships in raleigh.

Practical advice to sell your car


The image is fundamental. The appearance of the photo must be that of a clean and tidy car. For this, it is highly recommended to wash the exterior and interior to make it attractive to buyers. Visit this site for used car dealerships in raleigh.


As we said, you have to check the second-hand market to know what prices are those that have cars similar to yours. A suitable price will make it easier to sell, because if you ask for a very high price you will not receive offers. If the car is more than three years old, you have to put half of what was paid for it as a price. The opinion of an insurer or an appraisal company can be very useful.


Like the image, an ad with a good appearance will help a lot to get the rest of potential buyers to find it appealing. You have to choose properly where the ad will be (depending on the type of potential client) and not discard traditional media, such as the press.

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It is useless to attribute to the vehicle characteristics that it does not have, because at the time of acquisition the buyer will not want to acquire it, or may claim you in the event that it discovers later the payment that does not comply with the announced requirements. In addition, it is advisable to offer a test so that the buyer can assess the vehicle more adequately. This gives you more confidence in both the purchase and the seller, to be seen as transparent, that nothing has to hide on the car.

Features of the car

Among all the features you want to highlight the car, should always be the following:

– Brand and model

– Antiquity that has and total number of kilometers

– State of the vehicle (revisions, breakdowns) as well as information about the engine, type of fuel used and its consumption

– Utility that has had and if there have been more owners of it

– Accessories and extras

– Total price indicating whether it is possible or not, to negotiate it

Documentation is essential

You have to have all the papers in order (taxes and insurance) in addition to making a contract to make the purchase-sale.

These steps indicated that you can sell your car much faster and get an appropriate price for it. This way you will not risk losing money in possible transactions or staying with a vehicle that no longer interests you.