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Because so far, I’m talking only about the profile of the window (PVC, aluminum, acerinox, wood, etc.), but if you put a bad glazing, all the heat of your house is going to go through the glass .

So, the minimum you should put is a window with double glazing, with a camera (if it can contain some better insulating gas), and also, at least one of the crystals has a treatment that makes it “low emissive” (we’ll talk about in another article more extensively of the types of glazing that there is in the market to choose) Windshield replacement St. Louis.

For now, just worry that the set of frame + glazing that make up the window have a heat transfer coefficient as low as possible (the window manufacturer will tell you).

Windshield replacement St. Louis


  • There are many options. Aluminum, PVC, wood, stainless steel, etc.
  • In a rough way, I can tell you that those that are metallic have a cold touch when touched and as they repel a bit. For this reason, they are very susceptible to condensation, both on the outside of the frame (typical when you wake up on a cold winter morning, you see drops of water in the bottom of the window).
  • Those that are pvc , transmit hermeticity. When you touch them they are not cold and that gives a sense of comfort. Although they can condense inside the profiles, because they carry resistant “skeletons” of galvanized steel inside.
  • The wooden windows nowadays are very worked (at technological level).
  • Wood is an insulating material by nature and regulator of natural humidity. So almost, do not suffer condensations. And when you approach them, and touch them, you see that it is a warm material, in tune with your skin.

The bad press that have the wooden windows, on which they give a lot of maintenance work, comes from behind, because formerly, the wood was put as it came from the tree and of course, with thicknesses of 2-3 cm, and of course … that sanding every year, and varnished … and the varnishes in the sun … they are badly bad badly.

Nowadays the wooden windows are made of solid profiles of treated laminated wood, and have thicknesses of 4cm or 5 or more (depending on the type of window).

As for the external treatment, there are finishes such as the lasures and oils, which are applied to open pores, hydrate the wood and do not discolour with the sun (because it does not directly affect it).